Saturday, 4 July 2009

Jackson's Story

We had been trying to get pregnant for quite awhile with no luck. The day we found out we were pregnant was one of the best days of my life! After the fifteen-week blood work, I got a call from the doctor saying that the results showed there was a chance the baby had Down Syndrome. She told me not to worry, though, because these tests were almost always wrong. I guess I was the exception. At our appointment for the ultrasound we found out that we were having a boy and that he had most of the indicators of Down Syndrome. While still in shock, we had an amniocentesis done to know for sure.

The drive home was a blur. We both cried the whole way home and continued to cry for the next couple days. It was a feeling of shock, anger, frustration, and fear. We had tried for a baby for so long and then the baby we had planned on would never be. We didn’t know anyone with Down Syndrome and we didn’t know anything about it. Our family was very supportive and I did a lot of research the next few months. I can’t say that we were ready, but it helped us to be more ready for this little guy to come.

After an INTERESTING pregnancy, Jackson was born on September 17, 2004. He was a very sweet, but very unhealthy, little boy. The minute I laid my eyes on him I loved him to pieces. Jackson ’s doctors were not always positive, but he was a fighter much like many other kids that have Down Syndrome.

Now at 4 years old you would never know the struggles he had at birth. He is the sweetest little boy you could ever meet. He can be a challenge, but what kid can’t? He loves to tease, and has a giggle that you can’t help but smile at. He is the calming influence in our house, and with two little brothers we could use a few more of him around. My husband and I always think back to those few months of not knowing what to expect and feeling sad that we would not have a normal child and think how CRAZY we were. He has brought so much love into our lives and to everyone that comes in contact with him. We are awed that we get a chance to have this little guy.

When you find out the news that your baby will have Down Syndrome it may be the scariest news of your life, but then when you have them around you can’t think what you would ever do without them! Your perspective on life completely changes and you realize what is really important in life. You also get to join a very neat club of families who also have children with Down Syndrome. All of these families get to share the challenges and joys that come with a child with Down Syndrome.