Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Ethan's Story

I was 32 weeks along when my OB realized I was measuring small, so he did an ultrasound and saw what he thought was some extra fluid in my babies stomach. This was on a Friday afternoon. He said, "I don't mean to alarm you, because this could be nothing, but I think you should see a perinatologist first thing Monday morning." Of course, we were alarmed! Monday morning came and the perinatologist found much more than extra fluid in his stomach. It turned out to be a bowel obstruction, two heart defects, and many other "red flags" for Down syndrome. The next day we went back for more testing and an amniocentesis. We had to wait for the results of the amnio until Friday the 13th of May. That was the longest week of my life! The unknown was so difficult for me! My husband was so sweet, he looked on the internet and said he had seen pictures of kids with Down syndrome and that they were so cute. Unfortunately, at that time that was the last thing I wanted to see. I pushed reality away for awhile. When Ethan was born I was honestly surprised when he came out looking like a perfect little boy, he looked a lot like his big brother! I think subconsciously I was expecting a little monster!
What a journey we have had since that wonderful day! I have learned and grown so much over these past few years so has my husband, our kids, our families, and so has Ethan. He is a joy to be around. He has a gift of bringing out the best in people. Everyone loves him and I am privileged to feel that love as well. We are often the recipients of random acts of kindness, genuine smiles and laughs from total strangers, the ability to instantly become friends with others in similar situations, etc. The list could go on and on. I will be honest, all this growing has brought about some growing pains, but I honestly can say I would never change it. I feel a greater sense of meaning and purpose in my life especially as I care for Ethan and my other children. While I am being honest I will admit that though Ethan came to this world looking perfect and angelic, he does has a little monster in him! I rejoice in it, because in so many ways, he is so normal! What three year old isn't a monster sometimes? I look forward to continuing this exciting journey in the world of Down syndrome. Ethan is full of surprises and so much love.


  1. Oh my gosh, your story brought back so many memories. I too went in to see my OB and was measuring small. I was 35 weeks. We also went to a perionatologist and he saw no stomach in our little boy. He was delivered that day so we didn't have the agonizing waiting game that you had to go through. I too was surprised when he came out looking so beautiful. He was supposed to be a y12 or y18 choromosome baby with SEVERE retardation but he wasn't, he was just T21 and we were so relieved. Thanks for sharing your story, I loved reading it!!!

  2. He really is such a sweet little guy. What a blessing to have him in our family!

  3. He is too cute!!! It is so fun to hear stories about these amazing kids!