Friday, 7 May 2010

I am looking for Stories

Hey all my wonderful followers. I need stories. If you know anyone that would like to put their cute child's story on here I would love to share it with everyone. Just email me at or leave a comment. Thanks for your help. Hey, there might even be a surprise to those that are willing to share or who find someone to share:) How is that for a bribe.


  1. I'm in...I love sharing Lillian with everyone!

  2. Hi! We are from American Fork. In the process of adopting a little girl with Ds from Russia! We don't know her story yet, as we will meet her the first time in Sept. But we know we're answering a call, and we are so excited to have her in our family. Anyone with a heart for children with Ds should consider bringing one home from Eastern Europe. They are sent to terrible mental institutions at age 4 or 5 where most die within their first year! Check out for more info. and to see many waiting children who need their forever families to find them. You can follow our journey to bring Anna home at